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Community Video
by Ernst Zundel
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Ernst Zundel Anti-German-Hate-Propaganda-in-WWII
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Topics: Ernst Zundel, Germany, Hate, Propaganda, WWII worldwar, NaZis, Israel Lobby, Mind Control,...
Community Video
by Dennis Wise
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Here is the link to download this video - If you are interested in the "actual" truth about Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, and WW2, then I highly recommend the documentary "Adolf Hitler: the greatest story never told" which is available here - ...
Topic: World War 2 Adolf Hitler Germany Germans Red Army Bolsheviks Hellstorm Thomas Goodrich
Community Texts
by Archibald Ramsay
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The Nameless War by Archibald Henry Maule Ramsay is a short book on revolutions in Europe caused by Jews and Jewish international bankers. It also explains the hidden events and causes of World War 2 and international hositility to Hitler. "A side of history not seen in history books". Because of attempting to tell people the truth and stop World War 2 from happening, Ramsay (who was a member of the British Parliament) was arrested and imprisoned unjustly by an extension of Regulation...
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Topics: Nameless, War, Archibald, Ramsay, Jews, Jewish, International, Bankers, World, Order, Communism,...